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Personalised backdrop created for use with the Magelo online character profile creater. The stone texture is created from scratch in photoshop.
Beerhenge : Publicity calender advertising a line of Unibrou gourmet beers contracted by Cryptag. The illustrations were done in Photoshop and Illustrator, the page setting was done in Quark Express.
Greeting cards : One of the more entertaining responsibilities of the designers at Cryptag consisted in the creation of personalised greeting cards for the other employees to highlight special occasions. These were quick projects that usually had to be completed from concept to finished product in a matter of a few hours. Here are a few examples.
This painting was created to illustrate an article on world hunger in the context of an illustration class. Shown here is an example of what it would look like in a magasine using a random title and dummy text.
Print Contest : This was my entry for the annual "Print" contest. The concept refers to the omnipresence of garish publicity in our day to day environment.
25 Dollars : The original contract consisted in the creation of a 25 dollar gift certificate that would look like an actual bill featuring a picture of a buisness owner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his store's inauguration. For practical reasons I am unable to release a picture of the original on the internet so here is a demo version I remade.
Page setting of promotional page holders for the Club de Marketing UQAM.
Designed the logo and stationary for the company CMP Services informatiques.
For this project I was asked to create a banner for a local actor's web site using existing photos.